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Custom Website Design

A custom website is created from scratch — the information structure, graphics, navigational structure, functions, and back-end structure, etc. are all designed on the basis of client’s unique requirements. Often we build custom website designs on CorePHP/HTML5/CSS3 with MYSQL database backend.

When it comes to Web - Designing, we have a lot of options to choose from, one of them is the custom web design. The custom website is tailor made as per the target audience and helps them to find the information easily. Using the appropriate layout, navigation, features, text-size etc.Custom web design makes the site user friendly & ultimately leads to the success of your business.

You're a unique business with unique web design needs. We'll build a custom website that will convey your innovation to the online world and function exactly as you need it to. Whether your company is large or small, seeking original or proprietary web design or anything in between, you can count on us to help you communicate your vision to your viewers.

Websites besides having a great look and feel should also be Usable, user friendly, business centric and search engine friendly too. We concentrate on designing interactive & marketing websites at best prices in the industry. Its more than just a design, at Luke Infotech creativity and usability go hand in hand.

Currently one of the most popular open source design styles available, WordPress Web Designs keep cost low because they draw from a “catalog” of pre-programed design elements. These design elements include, but are not limited to, themes, templates, fonts, color schemes, plug-ins and modules.

We offer web design service that primarily aims to turn website visitors into customers. We are one of the few leading web designing companies that enjoys years of experience in this field and know the true potential of having a website that features a one of its kind of look.

So whether you need help getting started with a new website or you need to enhance or customize your existing website, Luke Infotech could be the best web design company you can approach.

  • Clients can have significantly more contribution into the design and we can tailor it to their needs.
  • Starting from scratch is always easier as it allows maximum customisation.
  • Gives the chance to develop our own plugins and frameworks that may be proprietary to the specific website project
  • As a professional, it’s essential to follow new trends and technologies. So, creating something new is always a great idea!

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